Monday, June 25, 2012

Anti Modi Community – Hindutva Treated As Communalism In Its Own Country.

Anti Modi Community – Hindutva Treated As Communalism In Its Own Country.

Narendra Modi is ruling Gujarat and is being Chief Minister of Gujarat three times in a row.  This is because he has done huge development in Gujarat. Gujarat is the number one state of India in feature of development, prosperity and welfare. Today the GDP of Gujarat is lot more than any other state of India and this is only because of great economic and development strategies of Narendra Modi. There are some anti modi community inside and outside of party which are regularly regretting Narendra Modi’s development and political strategies. But with this they are putting a big question mark on the electing power of Gujarat people. If the work of Narendra Modi is such bad then why the people of Gujarat will choose him as their CM and if we go with the thoughts of Anti Modi Community then it means that people of Gujarat are communal. One major blame on Narendra Modi by his opponents is that he is communal and if this is true then this means that people of Gujarat are also communal. I believe that these Anti Modi Comminities are anti development and anti national. They are not in the favor of development of companies. Today India needs a kind of Prime Minister who is of strict personality and able to take quick and best decision. 

BJP knows the value of Narendra Modi and presenting him as candidate for PM in general election 2014. I think this is the better step by BJP for their future prospects and there is no other better option for PM other than Narendra Modi either in NDA or in UPA. But BJP has to face the opposition from their own alliance. Some political party differ from the candidature of Narendra Modi as PM by BJP. This shows that they are only playing the communal cards in India with blaming Narendra Modi as anti secular. They are asking for the Pm who is secular. Let me ask them that what is the meaning of secular. Cant any hindu or person representing hindutva be secular. This means that every hindu is non secular and Hinduism is a communal religion. I also from a common man society and I am aware of the grounding facts that a common man wants. For a common man it is not a matter that whether his or her PM is hindu or muslim or christen or any other religion rather the only thing which he wants is development and relief from inflation and in this scenario, Narendra Modi fits as the best PM. 

We have accepted Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as our President and Dr. Manmohan Singh as PM, both from different religion then what is the problem for Narendra Modi. After all, development of country comes first. Many foreign agencies had regarded Narendra Modi as the best CM and reported in their works that Gujarat is the most developed state of India. This shows his dedication for work and concern toward the development of his state. Why we only remember of Godhra Kand after all it was initiated by both the parties and court has also not proven any hands of Narendra Modi in Godhra Kand and given him clean chit, then what is the talk about it. When the people are not remembering that black day then why these political parties are crushing this sensitive topic for their benefits. This shows that actually they are playing non secular activity and misguiding people from the most projected issues these days such as inflation, development, employment, economic growth, foreign relations and better policies. 

If they talk of Narendra Modi as anti secular then they should flash back and look into their shirts. Where Salman Khurshid proclaims to give extra reservation to minority or muslims, itsnt it communal. Digvijay Singh in UP elections put a statement in Muslim area that Batla House encounter was fake and those who were encountered were not terrorist and anther minister from his party comment that the encounter was not fake and they were terrorist. Now they both put this statement in different communal areas. Now tell me who is secular and who is non secular.Parties like JDU and RJD play the cards of casts in their election campaigning and then they talk of secularism. Actually they are trying to divide country on the basis of community. They don’t have any concern for problems of citizens. I am writing this article to just put my thoughts and not representing any party or community. I want all you readers to choose your PM who represents development and not who just wear a mask of secular.



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