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Narendra Modi

Road to Prime Ministerial Candidature - From Tea Stall to Election Campaign President

  • Narendra Modi was born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat
  • At small age Modi left his house and went to Himalaya in search of peace and meditation
  • Initially he started working at Tea Stall at railway station while his studies and same time joined RSS.
  • In 1971, he came the propagator of RSS for 6 districts of Gujarat
  • Became the member of BJP in 1987
  • In 1990, Modi was the prime strategist of Advani's Rath Yatra
  • In 1995, under his strategies, BJP came into power in Gujarat
  • Adavani appraised Modi in 1995 saying, Way to Delhi goes from Gujarat
  • After massive earthquake in Gujarat in 2001, Keshu Bhai Patel resigned from post
  • Atal Bihari Bajpayee supported Modi to become CM of Gujarat in 2001.
  • RSS and Advani provided ladder to Modi
  • In 1995, he came to Delhi for party reasons
  • Adavni supported Modi at every stage 
  • In 2002, Gujarat roit marked a black spot on his governance.
  • PM Vajpayee, asked Modi to follow his duties
  • After criticism, Modi dissolved the assembly and in re-election again came into power with huge majority
  • In 2007, Modi again came into power with comprehensively
  • In 2007, he signed 6.6 lakhs crore project of Vibrant Gujarat
  • America rejected the VISA application of Modi in 2005
  • In 2003, CII criticized Modi and after that apologize
  • In 2010, Nitish Kumar asked Modi stay away from Bihar
  • In 2011, Supreme Court's SIT delivered clean chit to Modi for his role in Gujarat Roit
  • In 2011, started Sadbhavna Mission in Ahemdabad
  • Again came into criticism for rejecting to wear cap offered by maulvi.
  • In 2012, Britain ended the ban on Modi
  • In October 2012, Modi's follower on Twitter reached over 1 million
  • In August 2012, Modi's minister Maya Kodnani was sentenced imprisionment for 28 years
  • April 2012, IPS Sanjeev Bhat filed a affidebit againt Modi in Supreme Court
  • In December 2012, Modi made a record after being caming into power successively for 4 times
  • January 2013, Anil Ambani compared Modi with Gandhi
  • February 2013, European Union also removed ban from Modi
  • Advani stepped away from BJP Executive meeting in Goa
  • Modi was announced as the President of Promotion Committee of BJP for general election in 2014
  • Adavni resigned from every post in party
  • After one day, Advani step backs all his resignations from party posts
  • Due to Modi's promotion in party, Nitish Kumar dissolved the allaince

Friday, March 1, 2013

Railway Budget - Rail Budget 2013

Indian Railway Budget 2013 - Complete Overview

Indian Railway Minister Mr. Pawan Bansal announced Railway Budget of UPA 2 for the fiscal year 2013-14. This budget was important in many scenario as this was the last budget of UPA 2 government and therefore it was allocated that this will be quit impressive one to amuse everyone. Though there were lots of promising words from Railway Minister but lets see how many of them are actually floored on the ground. Many professional measured this Railway Budget as just a lollipop for the people and pick pocketing. Lets have glance on this Railway Budget 2013.

Rail Budget Highlights -

Agent ticket booking timing restricted to 8 Am to 10 Pm
ID Proof important for journey with reservation
e-Ticket agent will now get only One Tatkal reservation per train
Strict action on ticket brokers
New railway power plant management company for implementation of solar energy & wind energy
Include 75 Mega Watt wind mill
Solar Energy System for 1000 local crossings
Prohibition on plastic bags and food packs
BRAIL stickers for blind passengers
Special package & preference to Rai Bareily and Amethi
24 new trains to Punjab and Haryana
150,000 recruitment through RRB in year 2013-14
Railway linked up with MNREGA labour to lay railway lines
AADHAR to link with railway

Rail Budget - In Brief

Passenger Service & Hospitality
  • New super coaches named "Anubhuti" are planned to be included in major trains with Hi-Fi facilities.
  • 104 stations recognized as religious, tourist and populated areas are to be developed.
  • More stations are to be equipped with automated cleaning machine.
  • Railway to open new laundries in major stations.
  • New facilities for passengers to complaints and cleanliness.
  • A-1 stations are to be equipped with elivators.
  • Executive lounge are to be build at seven stations like Patna, Jaipur and Agra.
  • Single operated ticket for both train and bus travel, service started at Jammu & Kashmir
  • Six new Rail Neer botteling plant to be established.
  • More train to be included in On Board Housekeeping Scheme.
  • 60 more stations to be recognized as Adarsh station.
  • Complimentry passes in 1st class and 2nd class travel to Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ranta Award winner and Dhyanchand Award winner.
  • Winners of Olympics and Dronacharya Award will get passes for Rajdhani and Satabhdi trains
  • Complimentry passes in 1st class and 2nd class travel to Mahavir chakra, Kirti chakra, Saurya chakra & other bravery award winners.
  • 2nd class AC travel pass to Police Award winners
  • Validation of Freedom Fighter Pass extended from 1 year to 3 years
  • Fellowship to students pursuing Phd & M.Phil on Railway issues.
  • Lady Security Guards to be introduced in ladies special trains
  • 8 new companies of ladies to be introduced in Railway Police Force (RPF)
  • 10% reservation for women in RPF recruitment.
  • Increase in women cadet of RPF in field units.
  • Security helpline, instant service in zones.
  • Linked with forest department for security of Elephants against accident on rail tracks.
  • 347 new schemes launched
  • New coach wheel plant in Rai Bareily, Memo plant in Bhilwada and Coach plant in Sonipat.
  • Overhauling plant in Bikaner and Pratapgarh.
  • New railway track of 500 Km.
  • CPART (Anti Accident Reserved) to be implemented for trains of speed 160/200 Km/hr
  • Introduction of comprehensive Fire & Smoke detention system to prevent fire accident
  • Portable fire extinguisher and fire repellent furnishing in guard & brake van, AC coach and Pantry Van.
IT & Connectivity
  • Server of IRCTC to be empowered with 3 times faster
  • Booking of  7200 tickets/min which was previously 2000 tickets/min
  • e-Ticket booking anytime except from 12 am to 12.30 am
  • Mobile ticket booking facility introduced
  • Waiting list information updates through SMS
  • Free Wi-Fi facilities in various major trains
Employee Welfare
  • 150,000 recruitment in Indian railway in the year 2013-14
  • 50% increase in allotment of employee quarters, 300 crore allotments
  • Baraks of RPF cadets to be upgraded
  • Women rail employee, resident without family will get free hostel facility
  • CGHS or Railway hospitals to improve their services and include emergency medical facilities.
  New Trains
  • 67 Express Trains
  • 26 Passenger Trains
  • 5 Memo Trains
  • 8 Demo Trains
  • 8 Special Trains (Linking to borders)

To Read Government Notification of Railway Budget 2013 Click Here

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gujarat Election - Live Election Results

Gujarat Election 2012 - Election Results - Exit Poll

Gujarat, the corporate capital of India and recognized as the most developed and self established state of India is going through assembly election. Since 1985, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is ruling over Gujarat as the single power with Keshu Bhai Patel as the leader. But in 2000, when the Keshu Bhai's governance was in question and BJP is ruling power was demolishing, Narendra Modi who was fresh and young leader of BJP was handed over the power in critical situation. Everyone was expecting that this was the end of BJP in Gujarat but in mere two years new comer, Modi single handedly proved that a fresh blood and development can change the figures. Between 2000-02 Modi changed the face of Gujarat with extra ordinary development and this development was showed its results in 2002 election. Moreover, development figure keep raising and Narendra Modi again came into power in 2007 election with much huge majority of 117 seats of 182 seats. In 2012, major opposition came into life and started high level of promotion and it was seemed that this will be the end of Modi era but exit polls before election results shown the figures that Modi is ready to make hattarik and BJP is coming into power fifth time consistently. 

Exit Polls - Gujarat/ Himachal Pradesh

Gujarat Election 2012 - 182 Seats

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)             -  125 (+/- 10)
Congress+ (Congress+NCP)        -   53 (+/- 5)
Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP)     -   3 (+/- 1)
Others                                          -   1

Himachal Pradesh election 2012 - 68 Seats

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)             -  31(+/- 5)
Congress+ (Congress+NCP)        -   32(+/- 5)
Others                                          -   4


Election Live Results -

Gujarat Election 2012 - 182 Seats - (Counting)

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)             -  117
Congress+ (Congress+NCP)        -   61
Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP)     -   2
Others                                          -   2

Himachal Pradesh Election 2012 - 68 Seats - (Counting)

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)             -  26
Congress+ (Congress+NCP)        -   36
Others                                          -  6


Assembly Election 2007 Results -

Gujarat Election 2007 - 182 Seats

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)             -  117
Congress+ (Congress+NCP)        -   59
Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP)     -   0
Others                                          -   6

Himachal Pradesh Election 2007 Results -

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)             -  41
Congress+ (Congress+NCP)        -   23
Others                                          -   4

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Khiladi 786

Khiladi 786 - Back With A Bash

'Khiladi' a term which represents one of the most dashing, daredevil and stunning actor of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar. Khiladi has become a brand in Bollywood similar to James Bond, Rambo and many others in Hollywood. Khiladi brand was started in 1992 with the movie Khiladi starring Akshay Kumar.and Ayesha Jhulka. This movie gave a stand to newbie Akshay in Bollywood after several flop movies. After this movie Akshay never looked back and within a decade there were numerous movies with brand name Khiladi such Khiladiyo Ka Khiladi, International Khiladi, Khiladi 420, Sabse Bada Khiladi and Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi. Some of these movies were blockbusters while some became hits. But after Khiladi 420 which was a super flop, Akshay left the brand Khiladi and tried something with Hera Pheri, Dhadkan, Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Namaste London and Singh Is King and with the past of time both Akshay and producers left the brand Khiladi. But Akshay was with his heart curious to get back his same brand Khiladi for which he was popular. After a decade, Himesh Reshamiya was back with a plan to re launch Akshay Kumar with his brand as Khiladi 786. Khiladi 786 is a full entertainer movie packed with action, comedy, romance and drama.

Khiladi 786 - Story

Khiladi 786 is a story of a con family. Himesh Reshamiya is failure who faces loss in every business he starts.Now he decided to start a marriage consultant. His first client became a Police Commissioner who is in search of son in law for his daughter. Himesh approach Akshay to act as fake police officer and get married to Asin. After this the confusion beguns with comedy and action.

Khiladi 786 - Some Facts

Initially Himesh Reshamiya approaches to his friend Salman Khan for this movie with the title Punjab Ka Ranjnikant. But Salman refuses the project because for his busy schedule with Sher Khan. After this Himesh get to Akshay. Akshay loves the script but he suggested Himesh to change the title and he suggested him to bring back his brand Khiladi with this movie.

Khiladi 786 Songs Free Download -

Songs of Khiladi 786 are rocking and mind blowing. Fans are loving the songs of the movie. Songs like Balma, Long Drive and Lonely are rocking the floor.

Balma  Download MP3
Lonely Lonely  Download MP3
Khiladi Bhaiya  Download MP3
Tera Pyaar Hooka Baar  Download MP3
Long Drive  Download MP3

Khiladi 786 Cast -

Akshay Kumar
Hiimesh Reshamiya
Raj Babbar
Chanki Pandey
Mithun Chakravarty
Sanjay Mishra

Khiladi 786 Trailer

Khiladi 786 Video Songs 

Khiladi 786 Wallpapers

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekly News - National 22nd Oct To 28th Oct

National News

New charges on BJP President Nitin Gadkari, RSS defends

After Nitin Gadkari and BJP totally faded the allegations of Arvind Kejriwal of misuse of government land now another allegation is on Gadkari for making investment with fake companies. According to a sting operation conducted by NDTV it was found that about 100 companies have invested in Gadkari's company, Purti Sugar and Power Corp. The main theme of sting operation was that more than dozen of companies out of 100 companies that invested in Purti Group are either on fake address or on fake identity which means even most of these companies didn't exits. Now Gadkari is pressurized to resign from his post of BJP president until the investigation is completed.

Digvijay asked central government to investigate Gadkari

It is sensed that NDTV has got all the data and evidence against Nitin Gadkari from Congress Commissioner Digvijay Singh. Though both Digvijay and NDTV has denied this report and said that it was sole research of NDTV channel. But as the allegation came to lime light Digvijay Singh wrote a letter to Prime Minister to conduct a investigation against Nitin Gadkari. On the other side Nitin Gadkari has welcomed any sort of investigation and probes against him but he also asked to Digvijay singh and Congress party that will they also similarly write a letter or conduct a independent investigation against Robert Vadra and Salman Khursid.

Cabinet reshuffle in Team Manmohan, new faces in ministries 

On Sunday UPA government has reshuffled its Cabinet formation and introduced some new faces in the Cabinet and Team Manmohan. It was reported since long time that UPA goverment is likely to change its Cabinet form and now it has been done. Where some ministers were promoted also some new faces were introduced into the Cabinet. Salman Khursid, Verappa Moely and Pawan Bansal has been promoted and Jaipal Reddy has been demoted. Major focus was on Andra Pradesh out of 22 new entries 7 were from Andra Pradesh and this is assumed as Congress's move to strengthen its root in Andra Pradesh.

Jaipal Reddy not happy with his ministry displacement

Where most of UPA and Congress ministers were happy with the Cabinet reshuffle and enjoying their new ministries, Ex Petroleum Minister Jaipal Reddy was unhappy with government's move of his demotion and therefore he did not came to handover his ex ministry to Verappa Moiley, new Petroleum Minister. He also did not attended his new ministry. Congress said that we have not demoted him rather we have handed over him one the most important ministry of Research and Science. Verappa Moiley visited Jaipal's residence and after sometime Jaipal said that he is happy with his new ministry and honor parties decision.

Arvind and BJP questioned on promotion of alleged ministers

One side UPA and Congress government were busy in Cabinet reshuffle on the other side IAC activist Arvind Kejriwal and BJP were grounding UPA government for its mismanaged reshuffle. They said that UPA and Congress government has proved that they dont care what citizen says and think of this government. They just want to do whatever they want. BJP said that where Manmohan Singh demoted their honest ministers other side rather eliminating alleged ministers like Salman Khursid, Shri Prakash Jaiswal and Shashi Turur they has been given promotion and this shows that UPA government has given them license to do corruption.

Rtd. General V K Singh joins Team Anna

After splitting of Arvind Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwash, Prasant Bhusan and many other from Anna Hazare's team, he has announced to form a new team to fight and protest against corruption. Anna Hazare has now left with very few members which also include Kiran Bedi and Anni Kohli. Now Retiered Army General V. K. Singh has decided to join Anna Hazare in his team. Anna has welcomed Mr. Singh but also said that this time he is going to be very careful and choosy for his team.

Weekly News - Sports 22nd Oct To 28th Oct

Sports News

ICC declares new rules for ODI, Test & T20

For long time the decision was pending on the side of ICC regarding new rules in international cricket to increase the interset of people in this game. Now ICC has approved the implementation of new rules from the date. According to new rules now Day/ Night test cricket can be conducted on the common approval of both the playing team management. Also now there will be only two powerplays in ODI games rather than three power play. According to new rule, third umpire if thinks that Batsman is not out then he can directly make it notice to ground umpires to change their decision. Though decision on color of ball is yet not finalized.

Sydney Sixers wins Champions League T20 2012

After two weeks of long pretty short tournament of T20 Champions League, Sydney Sixers has won the tournament from Highfield Lions with 10 wickets. Sydney Sixers were unbeaten in whole tournament and were never the favorite of the tournament but they really played brilliantly. Indian club teams totally failed to deliver their best and only Delhi Daredevils of four Indian team had reached the semi finals and lost it to Highfield Lions.

England team arrived India for long season

England cricket team has arrived India for four test matches, five ODI matches and two T20 matches. This is a long three month tour for England and it is really going to be very competitive for them as it is never easy to defeat India in India. Indian team is also practicing at MCA for the match. England is playing with three different captains for three formats. Andrew Strauss is going to lead test team, Alister Cook is to lead ODI team and Stuart Broad to lead T20 team.

Indian selectors showed lack of sportsmanship

Indian board has organized practice match for England team before they meet the Team India. Indian selectors has selected a practice team for England which is gonna lead by Suresh Raina including Yuvraj Singh in team. Raina said that he has not forgotten the insulting defeat in England and therefore he is well prepared for English team.

Lance Armstrong banned to lifetime from any event

American champion cyclist Lance Armstrong has been banned for doping and has been restricted from participating any tournament in future. Association has also decided to recall all the honors from him. Lance Armstrong has made a blasting comeback after suffering from cancer and won Tour De France Championship> he was inspiration for many sports person but now after this event he has lost his image in sporting world.

Sebatian Vettel wins Indian Grand Prix 2012

Second Indian Grand Prix was awaited by most of the speed freak Indian and as it was assumed and predicted this race is also won by Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian has won continuously two Indian Grand Prix. Indian team Sahara Force India was on the 9th position which was quite satisfying for Indians. The most disappointing thing was about Michale Shumacker was in his last race of career and unfortunately disqualified in between due to accident.

Weekly News - Entertainment 22nd Oct To 28th Oct

Entertainment News

Romance King Yash Chopra died of dengue

This week was very sad for Indian cinema as most successful director and producer of Bollywood and king of romance Yash Chopra has died this week due to Dengue. He was suffering with dengue for last few weeks and he died this week. With this an era in Indian cinema had came to end. Jab Tak Hai Jaan was the last movie for him which is to release on Dilwali. On the other side Maharastra Government has asked a reply from Lilavati Hospital on the death of Yash Chopra due to dengue with such facilities in hospital. Shahrukh Khan has decided for a grand premier of Jab Tak Hai Jaan to pay a tribute to Yash Chopra.

Comedy King Jaspal Bhatti died in a road accident

This week was really a costly one for Bollywood as Indian cinema has lost an another great actor in an road accident. Jaspal Bhatti who was a social satirist comedian. He was 56 of age and died in an road accident while going for a promotion of his upcoming movie, Power Cut which is based on electricity problems in Indian cities. He has acted in successful shows of 80's like Flop Show and Ulta Pulta.

Kashif is out of Big Boss 6, afraid of Salman

Big Boss 6 had an another elimination this week. Kashif Qureshi who was selected on the common man quota has been eliminated this week. He was considered as the most rowdiest contender in the house. He was once warned by show host Salman Khan for his rowdy behavior. After being eliminated from the house he said that he was really very afraid of Salman Khan and had said sorry to him for his behavior.

Water supply is stopped in Big Boss house

Big Boss house is known as the double trouble house and high drama show. After Kashif been eliminated of the house every member faced another trouble. Big Boss informed the house member that they will not get the water supply for about a week so they will have pull out water from a hand pump for their living.

Salman and Shahrukh to clash on Eid this year

Everyone is aware of cold war between two big stars of Bollywood, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. They both never leave a chance to humiliate each other but this war is going to be more furious this Eid. Shahrukh Khan has decided to release his last movie of year Chennai Express this Eid whereas Salman Khan has also decided to release his most awaited movie Dabaang 2 on the same day on Eid. No matter whether the movies are going to perform or not but their war on big screen is going to be very entertaining and it is also good time for the fans.

Weekly News - International 22nd Oct to 28th Oct

International News

Sandy strikes USA, 80 millions people being affected

USA was busy in the warm whether of Presidential election unaware of the most terrible climatic disaster ever. US weather official reported that a strong storm is rising toward US. Immediately President Barak Obama requested the citizens of danger area to empty their places and move toward a safe place. But before any thing could be happen Sandy strikes and affected about 80 millions people of US. It is reported that about 31 people are died due to this disaster.

I am not afraid of election rather of sandy says Obama

Sandy has really affected millions of Americans but than that it has affected US President Barak Obama. After Sandy stricken US coast Barak Obama was asked that how is this going to affect you as it can really cost some damage to your votes. Obama said that he is not afraid of his election but the most threatening for him is Sandy and damage caused by it to the assets. He also said that he not thinking of his loss or win rather he is just concern of safety of his citizens.

Obama and Romney cancelled their tours 

Due to natural disaster and warning of Sandy both the US president Barak Obama and Presidential candidate Matt Romney have cancelled all their tours regarding elections. Political assistant of both have reported that at this disastrous time we both are together to fight this critical condition and safety of US citizens.

Sandy like trouble is arriving Indian coast

Whole world is concern of the disastrous attack of Sandy on US. Every countries have made an alert to their coastal areas. Here in India weather forecaster have issued an alert that there can be a danger of Sandy like disaster. They have named it Neelam. Government had made an alert to the coastal states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and many others.

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